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Glucose Testing Strips

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Diabetes Testing Strips

Keeping continuous track of your blood glucose levels with blood glucose tests can be a challenging task, but it can be made easy with the help of modern blood glucose testing monitor and glucose test strips. Although, it is a small disposable plastic strip but it plays a pivotal role in determining the blood glucose levels. There are various types of glucometer test strips - while some can be used only with diabetes monitors of specific brands others can be used with various brands of monitors. Before purchasing diabetes test strips, it is important to know which variety works with your blood glucose monitor. 

Usage of Glucose Strips

When the blood sample is applied on the testing strip, it reacts with glucose oxidase present on the strip which leads to production of gluconic acid from the glucose present in the blood. Current is transferred by the meter that allows the meter to measure the blood glucose level. The meter then uses an algorithm to give the exact result.

In case of Type 1 diabetes, the doctor may suggest the patient to test the blood glucose level several times a day to determine the fasting glucose level and post meal glucose level. In such cases, a large number of sugar test strips are required and therefore, the diabetes test strips comes in packs of 100 strips, 50 strips and 25 strips so that customer can purchase the strips as per specific requirement. There are glucose test strips with special features such as no coding strips, fast absorbent strips  and easy to open and handle strips that not only simplify the diabetic test process, but also helps in saving time.

Online health stores such as Diabeticpick has an entire section devoted to diabetes testing strips where blood glucose strips from various renowned brands like Accu Chek, OneTouch Select and True Result are available in various formats at reasonable prices.