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Diabetic and Orthopedic Sandle Brown

Diabetic and Orthopedic Sandle Brown

Rs 1,250

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Diabetic and Orthopedic Sandle Brown

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Rs 1,250

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Diabetic and Orthopedic Sandle Brown

Some men and women with diabetes develop foot ulcers. A foot ulcer is prone to infections that may become severe. The skin ulcer is where a portion of the skin has broken down, and you can see underlying tissues. Most skin ulcers occur on feet or lower legs. The skin heals rapidly if it is cut. However, in diabetic patients the skin on feet does not heal so well and is more prone to developing an ulcer. Diabetic foot wear must include diabetic sandals and shoes. You can buy Diabetic and Orthopedic Sandle Brown. This foot wear is designed for people with diabetes and orthopedic health condition.

Features :-

•    This footwear is designed for men and women with Diabetes and orthopedic health condition.

•    Recommended footwear for problems such as diabetes foot, achilles tendonitis, arch pain, arthritis, bunions, calluses, claw 

•    This footwear is manufactured with the flexible rubber sole for flexible walking.

Available in sizes :- 7 , 8 , 9 ,10.

NOTE:This footwear does not cure diabetes and any health problems, but acts as protective and correction footwear. The above information provided based on individuals experience and knowledge hence should be referred as a guideline only.For further information kindly consult your physician.

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