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Dexolac 1 Tin

Dexolac 1 Tin

Rs 295

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Dexolac 1 Tin

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Rs 295

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Dexolac powder is an instant milk substitute, which provides the exact amount of nutrients for the growing baby. Dexolac infant formula has ingredients to boost immune growth and brain development in infants. It has the higher content of amino acids and lecithin to improve the overall growth of your baby.Dexolac milk powder consists of essential nutrients and maltodextrin along with whey protein. These nutrients support the optimum growth of infants in early months. Whey proteins are easy to digest. The protein content is modified to reduce the overload on infant’s kidneys.

Features :-

•   Contains whey protein that is easier to digest and nutrients that support growth and brain development.

•   Essential fatty acids ALA, LA, and Choline contribute to the structural building blocks of the brain.

•   Iodine and iron help in brain development and Vitamin A contributes to healthy vision.

•   Contains 12 minerals and 14 vitamins.

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