Top 11 Skin Care Tips For Glowing Skin in Summer

By | March 23, 2017

True beauty is associated with glowing and healthy skin. Clear and beautiful skin is one of the major elements of a person’s beauty. Healthy skin immensely helps you feel beautiful as well. Some of the leading factors which take a toll on the texture and quality of the skin are a lack of sleep, stress, pollution, poor nutrition, excessive smoking, damage from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, and drinking alcohol. During summer excess heat and humidity enhance sweat production that means more oil available to clog pores. Summer activities – like hanging out in the swimming pools – can have negative effects on our skin.

How the Summer Weather Affects Your Skin?

Summer affects your skin in various ways. Here we have listed a few common ways.

  • Acne has potential to get worse as the weather gets hotter.
  • Extreme heat and humidity can also facilitate bacterial and fungal infections.
  • In a hot, arid climate (including portions with a high altitude), the dry air sucks up all moisture from your skin, leaving it scaly, itchy, and dull.
  • The top layer of your skin can curl up like fish scales and flake off, making you even more vulnerable to the weather.
  • Dehydrated skin draws attention to fine lines you already have, and chronic dryness can speed up the aging process.

Summer Skin Care Tips

Summer season severely affects your skin texture especially intense UV sun rays and sun tanning results in a rough, dull and dark skin. But now you can have smooth, soft and glowing skin even in the summer season simply by following some effective tips which are given below.

  1. Drink Plenty of Water

    First of all, try to drink plenty of water as it not only keep your body hydrated but also removes harmful toxins from your body. Water requirement during the summer season is increased as a lot of water is lost due to excessive sweating during the summer season. So try to drink regularly at least 12-14 glasses of water.

  2. drink-plenty-of-water

  3. Use a Toner

    The best tips for glowing skin must include the toner. It is extremely important to keep your pores closed and skin cool by using the toner. Try the rose water. Its natural cooling properties make it an outstanding toner for the hot season.

  4. Go for a Water-Based Moisturizer

    The best beauty tips for glowing skin must include a water-based moisturizer. Don’t make the mistake of skipping moisturizing routine altogether as it’s essential for the skin to remain hydrated. However, if you find your regular moisturizer extremely oily, go for a water-based one.

  5. Ditch those Aerated Drinks

    Most people have a tendency to reach out for a cold aerated drink to quench their thirst on a hot day. However, it is immensely important to remember that these drinks are full of sugar that is not great for your skin or your figure. Instead, drink some fresh lime, water, Aam Panna (green mango drink), fresh fruit juices, or coconut water to stay hydrated. It is also best to minimize the intake of diuretics like caffeine and alcohol as they decrease the water from your system.

  6. Sun Protection

    If you can, try and stay indoors between 12 pm and 3 pm. That’s when sun’s rays are the strongest and can have an adverse effect on the skin. The best glowing skin tips must include a sunscreen. Don’t forget to apply that all-important sunscreen 25 minutes before you step out. If you have been out in sun for a few hours, touch it up again, so you are well protected. You can use sunscreen like Suncros Sunscreen Lotion.

  7. sunscreen-lotion

  8. Exfoliate

    The best summer skin care tips must include exfoliation. More than the rest of the year, it is important to exfoliate the skin in the summer to improve the blood circulation to the face. Choose from any of the cosmetic scrubs available in the market or make one at home. Try this simple one using a pinch of turmeric, 4 to 5 tbsps of gram flour, 6-7 drops of rose water and milk or yogurt. Mix it into a paste and utilize it to exfoliate the face. Follow it up with a moisturizer and face mask.

  9. Don’t like Your Tan?

    Gram flour can also be utilized as a face mask to get rid of an uneven tan. Mix it with yogurt and 4-5 drops of lemon and gently apply and leave it on the face till it’s dry. The citrus properties of the lemon are effective in removing the tan.

  10. Cleanse Your Face Twice a Day

    At least! This is extremely important to do even if you have been home all day and feel like your skin is clean. Cleansing and moisturizing the skin before sleeping is an absolute must.

  11. cleanse your face

  12. Get that Warm, Summer Glow

    Papaya is full of natural goodness, and one can utilize it as a homemade pack. Just mash 3 tbsp of papaya with a tsp of honey and 2 egg whites. Leave the mixture on the face for about 15-20 minutes and enjoy the glow you get afterward.

  13. Cool Your Skin

    Blending half a cucumber and 2 teaspoons of yogurt in the mixer can make another effective and simple homemade face pack. Apply this to the face for about 10 minutes and feel completely pampered.

  14. Repair and Treat Sun Damage

    UV light causes photoaging in form of coarse skin, brown spots and wrinkles, whether you have burned the skin or not. When sunlight comes in contact with the skin a cascade of damage results causing inflammation, the production of the reactive oxygen molecules that affect healthy cell growth, and stimulation of collagen destructing enzymes. The tan may be a popular summer look, but it also indicates severe damage. Bombard the skin with age-fighting ingredients to immensely help undo any damage that may occur and to further protect it from the aging effects of UV.

Eat healthy, exercise and sleep well! The holy trinity of great health and glowing skin holds true for the whole year. Therefore, along with all tips above, do not forget to eat a healthy, balanced diet, work out for at least 25 minutes every day and get 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Enjoy the summer!

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