7 Ayurvedic Skin Care Tips for Healthy and Glowing Skin

By | March 17, 2017

With today’s beauty and health products it is easy to forget about the natural products from our ancestors. The marketing and advertising of every product today got across every media. The food and the drinks that are served in India are of a high nutrition value and mostly they have herbs and spices. But wouldn’t be better if instead of using all those expensive products for the health of your skin, use homemade products with the common ailments? These homemade remedies are used among the people in India and are affordable by any person.

Ayurvedic Skin Care Tips

  1. Water

    • Using water it is everyday use where the drinking water nowadays is stored in the plastic containers also in modern India today. It is believed that the water would be stored better in metallic or clay containers at a room temperature.
    • Drinking a glass full of water early in the morning, on an empty stomach helps in the cleaning of the bowels. Water that is being kept in a pure copper vessel over the night is even better because it has health benefits, according to Ayurveda. This helps to lose weight, detox the bowels, regulating the thyroid gland and much more.
    • It also helps the digestive system to perform better, putting aside the effects on the skin.
    • If the water is kept at room temperature, stimulates the blood vessels and the nerves, so avoid drinking cold water.
  2. water-healthy-skin

  3. Water, Lemon and Honey

    Drinking glass of water, honey and lemon helps in burning the fat in the body. It is usually good to drink it with fresh lemon juice, warm water and organic honey. It also provides cleaning the bowels. A person needs healthy bowels because we will feel better and our physical appearance will be better too, we will feel and look healthy and beautiful.

  4. Turmeric Mask

    This is one of the healthiest and is one of the most expensive herbs in India. It can be used in the food as an ingredient and in medicines as well. It provides excellent effect on the skin and is nutrient-rich.

    • It can also serve as antioxidant and antiseptic and has a lot of health benefits.
    • With massaging the skin with homemade turmeric masks and pastes- like “tsuch” paste, helps in the cleaning process of the skin and cleans it deeply.
    • The turmeric mask also gives glow to the skin.
    • The turmeric mask does not contain any chemical that can be harmful to the skin.
    • In India is common to give the bride and the groom turmeric massage before their wedding.
    • The mask can be applied to 5 parts of the body – feet, knees, arms, hands and face and has to be done in this exact order.
  5. Turmeric-Face-Mask-healthy-skin

  6. Mustard

    • The mustard is also a beauty enhancer and its oil can be used for massaging the body and the hair.
    • Indians massage the babies with the oil in the winter period, under the sun because it is believed that the mustard oil strengthens the bones.
    • The adults use the mustard oil to nourish the bodies as well. It is good to use it before shower and if you use it daily it will help you to have strong and longer hair.
    • The seeds of the mustard can be crashed with the hands and turned into a paste, and the same paste will be used to clean deeply and nourish the skin.
    • The mustard oil can be used for cooking as well.
  7. Black Pepper and Ginger

    • Using black pepper and ginger poured into hot water can be used as an excellent remedy for cold. You can do this 2-3 times in the day and see the results immediately. Besides this the ginger and the black pepper can have amazing effects on the skin, giving it glow and smoothness.
    • If you have a dry cough and you can’t stop coughing, and then crush ginger and try to take as much juice as possible and mix it with organic honey. Eat the mixture in small doses with a small spoon. You can practice this 4-6 times per day and will help you immediately with a cough
    • This mixture has also amazing effects on the skin
  8. Raw Milk

    • The raw milk is known as a basic Ayurvedic ingredient as a natural skin product. It helps to remove the dirt from the skin and clean the pores. It provides glow and can be as a natural moisturizer.
    • It can be applied on the face with a cotton ball, and then gently clean the skin.
    • Mixture with lemon juice can help as well.
  9. Raw-milk-healthy-glowing Skin

  10. Orange

    • On a daily basis you can apply fresh orange juice as well and you will improve the skin tone and the texture of your skin.
    • The orange is rich in vitamin C and acts as a good skin toner which helps the skin to slow the aging.

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